Scope of application of refrigeration technology

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The scope of application of refrigeration technology Updated: April 24, 2010 with the development of technology, the advent of the information age, cold storage industry has also risen, refrigeration technology is increasingly being applied to multiple industries, such as: commercial, industrial production, agriculture Animal husbandry, air conditioning, construction engineering, and health care. Introduced below, the refrigeration technology of ice cream machine manufacturers brings those benefits to these industries:

1. Commercial:

The commercial application of refrigeration technology is mainly for cold processing, refrigeration and refrigerated transportation of perishable foods to reduce food losses in production and distribution and ensure reasonable sales in all seasons. The modern food industry has formed a complete cold chain from food production, storage and transportation to sales. The devices used include cold storage, refrigerated cars, refrigerated ships and refrigerated trains. In addition, there are commercial refrigerators used in food retail stores, canteens, restaurants and other departments, all kinds of cold drinks equipment and various commodity display cabinets with refrigeration equipment.

2. Industrial production:

In mechanical manufacturing, low-temperature treatment of steel (-70--90 ℃) can change its metallographic structure, make austenite into martensite, improve the hardness and strength of steel; in the assembly process of the machine, Using low temperature can easily achieve interference fit. In the chemical industry, with the help of refrigeration, the gas can be liquefied and the mixed gas can be separated to take away the heat of reaction in the chemical reaction. Salt crystals, solution concentration, and lubricating oil degreasing require refrigeration; petroleum cracking, the production of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, fuel, and fertilizer require refrigeration; natural gas liquefaction, storage and transportation also require refrigeration. In the iron and steel industry, the blast furnace blast needs to be dehumidified by refrigeration, and then sent to the blast furnace to reduce the coking ratio and ensure the quality of the molten iron. In the light industry, dairy products, beer, brewing and other production processes also require refrigeration.

3. Agriculture and animal husbandry:

The use of refrigeration for low-temperature treatment of crop seeds, creating artificial climate seedling raising, preservation of refined seed semen for artificial breeding and so on.

4. Air conditioning:

Production processes such as optical instruments, precision measurement, semiconductors, and synthetic fibers all require constant-temperature and constant-humidity air environments; aircraft engines, aviation instruments, automobiles used in special climate areas, electrical equipment, and even some military weapons and ammunition should all be certain To conduct performance experiments under the temperature and humidity conditions, it is also necessary to establish an artificial climate room (high and low temperature laboratory); hotels, theaters, hospitals, cars, ships, trains and other public places, as well as residences, also need to use air conditioning devices to ensure The comfortable conditions for people to work and live. Refrigeration equipment is the equipment necessary for cooling and drying air in these air conditioning systems.

5. Construction engineering:

The use of refrigeration can use frozen soil mining method. When excavating mines, tunnels, construction rivers, and river dams, or when excavating in swamps and sands, the frozen soil method can be used to prevent the working face from collapsing and ensure construction safety. When mixing concrete, ice is used instead of water. The melting of ice also absorbs the heat of solidification reaction of cement, which can produce large single-column concrete components, which can effectively avoid internal stress and cracks caused by large components due to insufficient heat dissipation. And other defects.

6. Medical and health:

Refrigeration technology is required for the operation of low temperature resection of the heart, surgery, tumor, cataract, tonsils, etc., the continuous operation of the skin and eyeballs, and low temperature anesthesia. Plasma, vaccines and certain medicines can only be stored at low temperature to ensure quality. Advanced operating rooms need to use artificial refrigeration to ensure the necessary temperature in the room. In the pharmaceutical production, freeze-drying method is used to make medicine.

In short, the application of refrigeration technology is very wide. The development of the national economy, the advancement of science and technology, and the improvement of people's living standards are all inseparable from refrigeration technology.