Why does the ice cream machine freeze the cylinder and how to prevent it?

2020-06-17 18:37:28 25


The freezing cylinder is one of the most common problems in the use of ice cream machines, especially when it is used early in the ice cream machine. The reasons for the freezing cylinder are divided into the following five points:

1. The water content of the slurry is too large. The water content of the raw material should not be too much. Too much water is easy to freeze. Once frozen, it will naturally cause the freezing cylinder of the ice cream machine, so please strictly match the slurry in proportion.

2. The output difference between the two sides is too great. The side of ice cream with low output is prone to freezing cylinder phenomenon. How to avoid: If the two flavors are the same, squeeze a few ice creams from the output port with a small output and pour it into the storage tank on the side with the highest output to keep the output on both sides basically balanced. For different tastes, it is necessary to keep the output balance as much as possible when selling.

3. After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the mixing tank is not put clean, this situation is also very easy to cause the phenomenon of freezing cylinder.

4. There is no slurry in the storage tank, but the ice cream machine is still cooling, and it is easy to freeze the tank at this time. Please pay attention to feeding at any time. .

5. If ice cream is not played for a long time, and the machine keeps cooling, it is also easy to cause the freezing cylinder phenomenon. How to avoid: Do not ice cream for more than 30 minutes, please pause the ice cream machine, or pour some ice cream back into the raw material basin (try to thaw the ice cream and then pour it into the raw material basin, otherwise it is easy to block the feed inlet and cause the freezing cylinder) .

Freezing cylinder solution:

Generally, when the ice cream machine freezes the cylinder, you will hear the noise caused by the friction between the stirring shaft and the cooling cylinder inside the machine. When you hear this sound, first turn off the power of the ice cream machine, check whether there is ice cream slurry in the storage tank, if not, add Just fill up. If no ice cream can be made after freezing the tank, and there is still ice cream slurry in the storage tank, then stop the ice cream machine for about 30 minutes and wait for the ice cream in the cooling tank to melt.