The end

2020-07-24 10:42:46 nsn 0

The special ice cream powder recipe we tried this time was blueberry yogurt flavor. After the whole process, we have tested this special ice cream powder recipe completely and from all aspects. On the whole, the taste of this recipe is very good. The sweetness, milk taste and blueberry taste of the mouth are more natural in the mouth, and there will not be too many additives. Especially after eating the whole ice cream, there will be no acid reflux in the mouth, or other uncomfortable taste, it is very refreshing, and this feeling is particularly good.

But there is one point. Originally, we looked at this ice cream with its faint purple color, and wanted to make some nice ice cream shapes. We used star-shaped caps, small star-shaped caps, flat wide-shaped caps, and dot-shaped caps. After trying them separately, we found its stabilizer content (stabilizers are mainly to keep the ice cream within the allowable range without melting. It’s too fast, the shape is very beautiful), um... I tried so many recipes, the ice cream powder recipe I tried before, if it is according to this recipe, it is stable with the stabilizer content of 13% protein. The content of the agent still needs to be relatively or a little more. Whenever I have the opportunity, I will show you the ice cream shape that I typed this time. You can see that it is obvious that I want to pull the tail, want to make it very beautiful, this is difficult to operate.

Fortunately, today we are mainly trying to eat, so I think this is only in terms of eating, the feeling and experience are still very good. Just from the point of view of the styling, it may be a little lacking in the styling in our video next to everyone today.

But it doesn’t matter. We also have some special ice cream powder recipes specially used for styling. About next week, we will arrange some: net red coconut ash, cow milk, milk salt flavor and other more net red special ice creams. Then I will search to see if there is any five-ren yogurt, because I only heard about it before. I will see if I can get it back. I must try it then.

In the future, we will probably have 5-6 more interesting flavors. We will make some special ice creams. We will also shoot interesting videos and share some good-looking ice cream shapes with you. See you next week~