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Don't rush to use the new ice cream equipment after receiving it! First understand what to pay attention to before using ice cream equipment? It may cause damage to the machine if you start it rashly.

The first point that needs to be noted: let me train you an installation master to help you check whether the voltage is stable and the current matches, because the voltage and current directly affect the stability of our ice cream equipment. Be sure to ask the master to check it carefully to avoid unnecessary losses.

Two points: The ice cream equipment also has certain requirements for the distance from the wall when it is installed. If the air-cooled ice cream equipment is purchased, its condenser and fan surface need a space between 30-50 cm for special heat dissipation. . Otherwise, the machine will not be able to dissipate heat and damage the machine. It is also a bad way to use it. For the specific distance, follow the advice of the installer.

Article 3: It is emphasized that you must read the manual. Now many people don't have the habit of reading the manual. They always use it directly after taking it back. They don't go to the merchant for consultation until there is a problem. But basically the first few pages of the manual are precautions and warnings for illegal operations. Do not do things that are reminded not to be done, because the precautions listed are generally particularly damage to the equipment and damage caused by improper operation. Most of them are out of warranty.