Open material

2020-07-24 10:38:08 nsn 1

Now it’s the opening process. I tried this blueberry yogurt flavor for the first time, and I used the manufacturer’s formula for the first time. I don’t know what it looks like, so we decided to use mineral water to mix it. Can measure the mouth feel of its formula. According to one of the instructions on the formula, this package is one kilogram, and it is recommended to mix 2.5 liters of water.

One more important thing is to mix it with 2.5 liters of water and let it stand for 15 minutes. 15 minutes is very important. Whether the taste of ice cream is good or not, the first step depends on how long it takes to fill the ingredients, which will play a decisive role.

There is another particularly important thing about cutting. Whether you are using a measuring cup or a graduated bucket, you must pour water first, and then pour the powder down, so that it will not be so easy to stir. Agglomerate. Then, if it is powdered first and then water is poured down, it is particularly easy to agglomerate. I don’t know the specific reason, anyway, it’s the experience I learned from my own cutting, which has always been the same for the past few years.

This is a blueberry yogurt flavored ice cream, because it is a 15-liter hopper. If possible, at least two packs of ice cream powder are required. At least this amount is needed to try. When I observed it fell down, the powder did not look particularly thin. But when I pour it down, the powder will taste up, but when I smell it, I don't have the feeling of a lot of fragrance. The smell is quite comfortable, and it feels okay.

For coloring, I look at this color by myself. It looks pretty. Regarding the cutting, it needs to rotate clockwise and can only work in one direction. (Just kidding, no. It's really not like that!) Because I am stirring, I must have one thing to say, no matter which direction we are heading, as long as we stir evenly. Seeing our shooting lady, I was very confused and thought: clockwise? (Hahaha...) This was when we were supplying materials to IKEA in Malaysia. They were a Dutch company. We went to him to try a recipe. When we opened the materials, I said I really wanted to do it, I wanted to try Now, I’m going to try how it feels, and then they are tall, about 1.9 meters tall, a very serious engineer-like person, he told me how much water is in the first step, and the second step is going to fall. And he is very particular about pours, unlike what I did just now. He said pours, and then I did exactly what he did. Then when I wanted to stir, he said it must be clockwise. Rotate, it turns clockwise very seriously, and then I say how long does it rotate? Then he said to spin until you saw it yourself... Then what did he say about the vortex? I took the class very seriously, and at this time he finally couldn't hold back anymore. He said that I was joking with you, not serious! Really, you just mix it like this!

You can see that it’s been evenly mixed after talking for so long. Let’s time it and wait for 15 minutes seriously. I must follow the requirements on the package. Otherwise, when I give feedback to others about the taste, they will tell me the time. Question, now we must carry ourselves clean. So we just waited for 15 minutes to see you, we started to feed, there will be ice cream to eat, see you later.