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We are rigorous and serious. After waiting for these 15 minutes, we can see that the melting state of the ice cream powder is very good, which is completely different from the state when we first fell. In the case of an ambient temperature of 32 degrees, it does not look particularly viscous. After being poured into our ice cream maker, I don’t know what it is at 5 degrees.


Now it’s time to prepare the feed! One point to pay attention to when feeding: we have cleaned and disinfected our ice cream machine just now, and we will have mineral water the next time. There is definitely no mineral water in the hopper, but because the mixing drum is a horizontal column Shape, there will be a small amount of water not discharged, which will affect the taste of a cup of ice cream. So if we use a 2.1-liter mixing bucket like us, we use about 200 ml of ice cream material, pour it into the lower nozzle of the puffing tube, and use this 200 ml ice cream material to pour the water in the mixing tube. Squeeze it out slowly. Note, do not open the cleaning when the raw materials are so small, if the cleaning button is turned on at this time, it will mix the water and the ice cream material together, which will not achieve the effect of draining the water we want. When you see the extruded paint change from light color to normal ice cream color, it proves that the stagnant water has been completely cleaned up.

After cleaning the stagnant water, you can put all the ice cream ingredients in. We suggest that when trying a new formula, we can put in ice cream material first. When we pour all the raw materials in and do not put the puffing tube, we can see the blisters appearing with water pouring down, and then what is the function of our operation button Do not press until the blisters disappear, that is, after there is no more bubbling, 2/3 of the raw materials have entered the mixing tank. At this time, insert the expansion tube modulation gear "2" into the discharge port. This is because considering that the new formula does not know the viscosity of the formula, if the puffing tube is put first, it may cause blockage and poor feeding. Adjusting to gear "2" is also the gear that we mentioned before to try new formulas. In addition, when we put the expansion tube, because the silica gel is mainly used as a seal, it can make the ice cream material no longer flow from the hole of the material, but only from the hole of the expansion tube, and the air flows from the expansion tube. The upper end enters, after starting the machine, the stirring of the stirring shaft makes a good combination of air and raw materials, so that the ice cream achieves a good taste. Then we put on the sterilized hopper mixing shaft so that we can start producing ice cream.

There is one more note that we want to emphasize that the expanded tube apron must be smeared with food grade lubricant before putting it into the hopper. The lubricant has a protective effect on the expanded tube apron, which can reduce friction and extend the life. The rubber ring of the expanded tube is made of fumed silica gel. The fumed silica gel meets the hygienic standards, but the wear resistance is not very good. It is only a sealing function. It is only stable. It does not mean what to do if it is rotated, but we put it down and pull it out. When it comes up, there is also a friction. Then cover our hopper cover.

Usually when our ice cream machine is trying a new recipe, we have factory settings, the factory set pre-cooling temperature is 5 degrees, I don’t think we need to change this, because all our ice cream machines are preset to make yogurt. Ice cream, and ice cream with a high milk content, so this formula is completely fine with our ice cream machine's preservation temperature. But for softness and hardness, we suggest that when trying a new formula, we can lower two gears, because we don’t know what requirements the new formula tested will have on our softness and hardness as well as the overall coordination of the transmission system during production. , Lowering the two levels is the range, and then adjust it according to the actual softness and hardness, and adjust the softness and hardness suitable for the formula.

It's a bit too biased, right? Okay, if we press a production button now, we will have ice cream in about 10-12 minutes. look forward to. Let’s take a look today.