Try ice cream

2020-07-17 17:41:16 nsn 0

After the ice cream ingredients were put down, I didn’t adjust anything. I still said that the hardness was lowered by two gears according to the factory settings we just made. Our ice cream modeling time is about 10 minutes, usually no more than 10 minutes, probably also Even the time of 6-7 minutes will not be particularly accurate. Now let's take a look at the ice cream made and adjusted if I adjusted the factory settings.


From the appearance of the ice cream, it can be seen that the softness and hardness of the ice cream adjusted down two levels is just right. The ice cream can be shaped without being too hard. Because the special ice cream recipe bag of this trial is marked with: protein content 13%, fat content 9%, carbon water content 27%, so according to the factory setting of our soft ice cream machine, we It is made according to the high fat content of whole milk and ice cream powder, so it should be very suitable to set the ice cream powder this time to lower the two gears. The finished ice cream now meets my standards.

I tried it. This is an ice cream made from such a recipe with blueberry-flavored yogurt. When the ice cream is just imported, you can feel the rich yogurt flavor. The blueberry flavor is more gently presented in the mouth. After going down, there will be no sour or other uncomfortable taste in the mouth. It feels relatively fresh, and it is very rare to taste the natural ice cream taste.

After the trial eating, I feel that the softness and hardness no longer need to be adjusted. According to my five-year experience of touching the machine and adjusting the machine, the softness and hardness are just right, that is, the softness is just right . And if you eat it in your mouth, you won't feel uncomfortable. It's very appropriate.

Then we will start to make fancy ice cream, we will take some beautiful ice cream shapes, and we will share them in the official video.