Importance of function of commercial ice cream machine lacking material lock

2020-07-17 17:38:31 nsn 0

Regarding the selection of commercial ice cream machines, we have summarized a few suggestions:


One: It is recommended to choose a commercial ice cream machine to see if the equipment you choose has a lack of material lock function. When the raw material of the ice cream machine is insufficient, the entire system of the machine will stop running and the machine needs to add ice cream material. Tips. Will let us add ice cream in this mandatory way.

Then, if there is no such function as the lack of material lock machine, it will appear that the material in the hopper is almost used up, and the operator still does not know that the material has been used up, and continues to operate the machine to make ice cream. Or some operators know that the material is almost used up, but the machine is still running, making the operator mistakenly believe that the machine can operate normally with little material.

In the above two cases, the material is completely or completely used up, but the machine is still running. This will cause the ice cream machine to operate in an overloaded bucket, damage the mixing shaft, gear box and motor, and cause unnecessary damage to the machine. .


Therefore, one point to consider when selecting a commercial ice cream machine is also a function that needs to be considered, is to see whether the machine has a lack of material lock machine function.