Factors that are easy to cause mistakes in the use of ice cream machine

2020-07-17 17:34:59 nsn 0

Before we make ice cream, we would like to mention that the ice cream machine is easy to cause mistakes during use.


The first is the puffing tube. When we try some new ice cream powder recipes, for example, this time we want to try blueberry yogurt flavored ice cream powder. We just got a new product from the new company. understand. Then, before opening, we need to make a preliminary understanding and judgment about the content ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and stabilizer, as written on the label of the ice cream powder package.

But after the ice cream powder is ready, the ice cream machine's hopper and mixing drum have also been operated to a temperature of 5 degrees or below that meets hygienic standards. After pouring, this new ice cream material is not clear about the fluidity. So after pouring in, we can see that there are 4 gears adjusted by the expansion tube. The lower the number, the higher the expansion rate. When trying this new formula that is not clear about the fluidity of the formula, we adjusted it to the middle gear and inserted it into the discharge hole.

The gear in the middle of the puffing tube will be more moderate, so assuming that the content of the stabilizer in some formulas is slightly higher than the ice cream material, even if the fluidity is not so good, it will not cause the freezing cylinder. Or if the fluidity of the ice cream material is particularly good, and the discharge rate is too fast to cause the puffing rate to be insufficient, then the adjustment can be continued. Basically, after 20 minutes, we have seen the feeding status through the hopper, and the fluidity is good or not, this is the use of the expansion tube.

The second thing to note is the puffed tube aprons. The puffed tube aprons are made of gas phase and silicone that meet the food grade. If we are not skilled in using tools to remove profiteering, it is easy to loosen and damage the aprons. Therefore, we suggest to use hand, this rubber ring is relatively soft, so we use our two thumbs to squeeze upward, and see a small protrusion, it is very convenient to remove it from the protrusion, so that careful operation can extend the rubber ring Service life. Although the aprons are wearing parts, we recommend changing them every three months, but if we often use tools to pull the aprons many times, it will soon cause the aprons to loosen, and the sealing is not so good.

The third point we continue to expand the tube, we will equip some special cleaning tool brushes for everyone. When cleaning, we recommend that after the inner tube and the outer tube are separated, use this brush to extend the brush carefully. In particular, the inner wall should be carefully brushed, especially some with higher fat and protein content. It will stick to the inner wall, and it is more difficult to clean by water alone, so we recommend that you use a brush to clean it. There is also a hopper mixing shaft, because the hopper mixing blade is metal, and its viscosity is not so big, but the hole above the hopper mixing blade should still be extended with this brush, and it must be washed completely. After washing, we will use disinfection Rinse with water.

This matter is really very important. There are many more times in the top three, and I want to be responsible to consumers, so I hope everyone must do it seriously.

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