You need to prepare some preparations before making ice cream

2020-07-17 17:31:12 nsn 0

We want to share with you a special ice cream made with blueberry yogurt flavor. But before making ice cream, let's share some things we need to prepare before making ice cream.


One is a rubber glove that meets the hygiene standards of food. This is a must, because all the foods we will come into contact with next. The other is to clean and sterilize our ice cream machine before we put the ice cream ingredients. This is very important and necessary.

The standard of the ice cream machine's one-step cleaning is that the color of the water becomes completely clear, and then you need to use the small brush we match to clean the inside and outside of the corner, including the puffing tube and the entire hopper mixing shaft, and the entire throat seat. The plunger, rubber ring, agitating shaft, agitating blade and other spare parts removed from the throat seat must be carefully cleaned.

After everything is cleaned, we also recommend disinfecting with a little disinfectant powder. Because the ice cream we make may be made with fresh milk. Of course, fresh milk needs more strict cleaning and disinfection. Like the ice cream powder for the special ice cream we tried this time, the milk powder content is not low. Even creamers are used. In short, if you see milk-containing ice cream ingredients that are related to the word milk, you must use disinfectant powder. And some will also contain pure pulp or other food ingredients, all of which require the machine to be clean and hygienic. So we recommend disinfecting the machine every time it is cleaned. The disinfectant powder I use now was bought back in Malaysia before. This is a grade disinfectant powder that is specially designed for household food. If necessary, I can also recommend it to you.

This sterilizing powder uses a small spoon, which is about 5 liters of water to one teaspoon. The hopper capacity of the ice cream machine we use this time is 15 liters, so it also needs about 15 liters of disinfectant to sterilize, that is, add three teaspoons Disinfecting powder is enough.

After the accessories are cleaned, you can install the puffing tube, hopper mixing shaft, and throat seat on the ice cream machine. Then pour the disinfectant solution and let it soak for 10~15 minutes. After the disinfectant solution is released, use tap water again, use about five Lift the mineral water again, let the machine be completely disinfected and rinsed to meet the edible standard, so that you can prepare the ice cream sauce to start working.

Having said so much, no matter what, I think cleaning the machine, you must wash it until you are willing to eat a cup of ice cream as the standard.

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