Jingling Refrigeration Co., Ltd. officially launched the full-scale sharing!

2020-07-17 17:19:46 nsn 0

First of all, our production line has been comprehensively upgraded and transformed. This is the third upgrade and transformation of the production line since the establishment of Jingling Refrigeration Company in 1981. It is expected to be completed from August to mid-August. We have a total of four new products to be officially launched in China. These four products are not only sold in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Dubai. They have been accepted for four and a half years since 2015. The Australian market is finicky, and the German market is close to harsh and rigorous tests. Therefore, the sale of these four new products in China will subvert your understanding of commercial ice cream machines.


Starting next week, every Wednesday will update some of the commercial ice cream machine tips for everyone. This small knowledge point is divided into two categories. One is to help you pay attention to the purchase of commercial ice cream machines, and some tips to avoid stepping on the pit. . The second category is some tips for using commercial ice cream machines. These tips can extend the service life of your ice cream machine.

Starting from July 15th, there will be 1~2 live broadcasts every month. Our online live broadcast is not a live broadcast with goods. It is to interact with you some tips for using ice cream machines. The other is that we will collect some new recipes with different flavors and share them with everyone, which is also more looking forward to.

It is expected that from August 15th, we will officially invite some old friends and some new friends to come to our company to visit our newly upgraded production line and personally test the four new commercial ice cream machines. Let's look forward to it together!