How to use ice cream machine correctly? You need to pay attention to the following

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When it comes to ice cream, many friends will particularly like it. This also makes many friends see that the consumer market is very large and has a lot of room for use. So what are the points that need special attention during the use of commercial ice cream machines? Let's briefly introduce them to you.


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1. Pay attention to safe use

For commercial ice cream machines, many people think that they only need to use the outside and do not need to make contact with the inside of the machine, and how to be more safe when using it is also weak, but commercial ice cream machines are also prone to water during use. If the conductive liquid is splashed into the machine, there will be some danger. And in the process of carrying, there is another point that needs special attention, that is, the tilt angle cannot exceed 45°.

2. Precautions for operation

Many friends think that the commercial ice cream machine is very simple to use, but when using it, it is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to. It is not possible to randomly extend some hard objects into the wind fence to avoid damage to the machine. . In addition, during use, it should also be noted that the refrigeration cylinder cannot be directly operated when it is empty, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the machine.

3. Pay attention to the space used

In commercial ice cream machines, there is another point that requires special attention during use. Then pay attention to the space used. If you place the ice cream machine indoors, you should also pay attention to ventilation.

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