Purple potato puree yogurt ice cream from Munich

2020-07-17 12:07:49 nsn 3




Friday, July 17

Guangdong summer morning at 6:00

The temperature of the sun is just right

I am used to getting up early and stretch out on the balcony

Recently, the quality of sleep is very good

With such quiet and comfortable weather

Can't help but miss

Days in munich

The stories of those days are many and profound

For example, purple potato puree yogurt ice cream

Now steam the purple potatoes and let them cool

Peeled and mashed into purple potato puree

With instant yogurt powder and skim milk

Refill with mineral water

Yogurt slurry made into purple potato mud is poured into ice cream machine

Start production function

It only takes 12 minutes

You can enjoy the purple sweet potato yogurt ice cream

The flower-like young lady who laughed in the photo is a native of Munich. She is a local magazine model and an old classmate of my client. More importantly, she loves ice cream very much.

In its words, purple potato puree itself is very healthy, and the sweetness of instant yoghurt is just right. Skim milk improves the smooth taste of ice cream and is not afraid of being fat. , Eat it in one bite, faintly, and then people want to take a second bite immediately, cool and not cold teeth. After eating, there is no acid reflux in the mouth.