Why does ice cream melt quickly?

2020-07-14 11:58:07 nsn 3


Why does ice cream melt quickly?

Internationally, it is called ice cream, and compatriots in Taiwan call it ice cream. It is called the ice cream in the south of the three seasons of the year, and it is called ice cream in the south, and in the north of the four seasons, it has become the ice cream that everyone wants.

But it all has the same phenomenon. Sometimes it seems to be particularly easy to make. Sometimes it seems that it can keep the shape for a long time, and it doesn't melt so quickly.

In fact, ice cream ice cream ice cream is easy to make the two most common situations:

The first case, high fat and high protein content, this formula of ice cream is relatively easy.

In the second case, the stabilizer content in the formula is very low or there is no stabilizer, so it is easy to melt.

The role of the stabilizer can make the ice cream ice cream ice cream look better and keep the ice cream less melted.

The ratio of fat protein stabilizer in the formula is a very serious and rigorous academic topic. We arranged for the filming in September specifically for the formulation notes.

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