Ice cream machine use

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In summer, delicious ice cream with delicate taste always makes people feel good, and making ice cream requires a good ice cream machine. Ice cream machines on the market are commercially available. The staff of the ice cream machine manufacturers will talk about the use of ice cream machines.

Ice cream machine installation and commissioning

Before use, connect the ice cream machine to three plugs or to the air switch. After the power connection is completed, carry out debugging work. Before debugging, please disinfect and clean the ice cream machine.

How to use commercial ice cream machine

Put the prepared raw materials in the refrigerator for half an hour and take it out. Add the light cream and stir it evenly. Put all the mixture in the ice bucket. Turn on the ice cream machine and stir for 30-45 minutes. Press the automatic key. Ice cream machine enters automatic working mode

Ice cream machine cleaning and maintenance

Wipe the body with a warm towel, do not rinse with water. The condenser can be cleaned once every three months to half a year. Before cleaning, turn off the power. Make sure not to damage the fins of the condenser. You can clean it with a soft brush and a hair dryer.

Ice cream machine repair

What about ice cream machine freezing cylinder? The main phenomenon is that the material cannot be ejected, and there is an abnormal "click" sound. At this time, unplug the power supply in time, wait for 1-2 hours for the ice inside to melt, and then turn on the power. Press the cleaning button to put the raw materials out and clean it. Ingredients.