Commercial ice cream machine type selection (below)

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2. Score by height

Ice cream machine can be divided into desktop ice cream machine and vertical ice cream machine according to height

Desktop ice cream machine

Desktop ice cream machine is more suitable for occasions with limited operating space. Such as the operation room of the bar and cafe. This ice cream machine can also be placed directly on the bar.

Vertical ice cream machine

It belongs to the Volkswagen model. Takeaway can be sold. Due to the compact design of the desktop machine, it is not conducive to heat dissipation. Therefore, the heat dissipation of vertical machines is better than that of desktop machines. Therefore, it is recommended to use the vertical ice cream machine when the ambient temperature is too high

3. According to the type of ice cream produced

According to the type of ice cream produced, it can be divided into soft ice cream machine and hard ice cream machine.

Soft ice cream machine

It's the kind of ice cream in KFC's cone or sundae. Hard ice cream is the kind of ice cream used for fancy ice cream. General soft ice cream must be made with an ice cream machine. The temperature of the soft ice cream is around -3 degrees.

Hard ice cream machine

Hard ice cream requires quick freezing. The soft ice cream produced by the ice cream machine is placed in the freezer below -20 degrees. The purpose of quick freezing is to prevent the water in the ice cream from forming ice particles during the freezing process. Keep the texture of the ice cream delicate. So if you want to make Italian ice cream. A hard ice cream display cabinet with a cooling temperature of -18 to -23 degrees is required.