Ice cream machine production failure and treatment (1)

2020-06-17 19:29:13 nsn 0


1. The ice cream produced is too soft to be molded or not ideal.

The temperature of soft ice cream is about -7~8 degrees, the viscosity is suitable, and the molding is good. This temperature is achieved by the freezing cylinder refrigeration system, and whether the freezing cylinder refrigeration system works is controlled by the current of the stirring motor and the refrigeration compressor. In general soft ice cream machine (220V voltage), when the control current voltage is lower than 200V (1.8A), the refrigeration compressor and stirring motor stop working. After excluding the causes of improper operation of ice cream paste ratio, product hardness setting is too low, and extrusion output speed is too fast, it is necessary to check whether the unit of the soft ice cream machine has mechanical failure.

First check whether the scraper blade of the mixing shaft in the freezing cylinder of the soft ice cream machine is damaged? The scraper blade is seriously worn or damaged, and the product that meets the temperature standard at the peripheral wall of the freezing cylinder cannot be scraped off, making the ice cream produced by the extrusion too soft. Regularly check the scraper for wear and replace it in time.

Secondly, the air-cooled condenser is generally used in the cooling system of the soft ice cream machine. If the installation space is limited, there is not enough heat dissipation space around the machine, or the area of the condenser is too thick, it will reduce the heat exchange effect of the condenser, and even lead to The refrigeration compressor is stopped. The soft ice cream machine unit should be installed in strict accordance with the installation requirements, to maintain sufficient heat dissipation space, the condenser should be in a well-ventilated position, and the condenser should be cleaned regularly.