The reason why the ice cream machine is not cold

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Soft ice cream machine, also known as ice cream freezer, is a specially designed automated equipment used to produce frozen desserts-ice cream. The ice cream machine can be divided into large-scale freezers used in factory assembly lines and commercial ice creams used in the catering industry according to usage. machine.

Compressor malfunction

If the ice cream cabinet does not cool, the compressor's overheat protector may be broken, but the unit has no problem, or the compressor may be reimbursed. In this case, it is recommended to carefully check and repair the leak point, and then vacuum dry, and refill with a qualified amount of freezer refrigerant.

Pipe blockage

If the air is not evacuated when it is evacuated, or it contains moisture, it may cause ice blockage. In particular, there are repaired display cabinets, which are prone to blockage of pipes. Close to the evaporator with your ears, you can't hear any sound of airflow, and it doesn't work to heat the outlet, which indicates that the system is blocked.

Pipeline leak

If the refrigeration pipe is perforated and leaks, it will definitely cause the freezing performance of the display cabinet to gradually decline. It is economical and convenient to first check the refrigeration pipeline for leaks with detergent. Apply the detergent to the pipeline interface and the root of the compressor sealing phase. This fault is easy to find and repair is not difficult.

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