Structure principle of ice cream machine

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(1) Structure of ice cream machine: The core components are mainly composed of raw material cylinder and its refrigeration system, freezing cylinder and its refrigeration system, stirring blade holder, conveying device and control system.

(B), the working principle of the ice cream machine: its working process is: raw material cylinder-milk slurry air pump-freezing cylinder-scraper in the freezing cylinder-outlet.

Raw material tank: used to mix ice cream raw materials and temporarily store the resulting milk slurry. During operation, the thermistor is used to control the operation of the refrigeration system, and the temperature of the raw material cylinder is controlled between -0.5~6.5℃.

Narrow air/milk mix pump: It is the key equipment for conveying equipment. It sends milk mix to the freezing cylinder, and its operation is controlled by the pressure switch. Generally, air and liquid milk slurry enter into the mixing area at the same time according to their respective paths, and then enter the freezing cylinder through the conveying pipeline. In the refrigeration system of the raw material tank storing milk slurry, the refrigerant is divided into two paths at the door of the drying filter m, one way enters the raw material tank evaporator through the main capillary 10, and the other enters the outer wall and pipeline of the milk slurry delivery pipe through the auxiliary capillary 12 , Heat exchange the milk slurry and pre-cool the milk slurry entering the freezing cylinder to keep its temperature at about 4℃ to ensure product quality and food safety.

Freezing cylinder: the inner surface is the working surface. The milk slurry and air are puffed after stirring, and then cooled in the freezing cylinder to form a milkshake. After 7~11 minutes, when the product reaches the required viscosity, it is scraped by a spiral scraper and sent to the outlet. By pulling down the handle, the product can be poured. The standard temperature of the product is about -7~-8℃.

Some ice cream machines have double freezing cylinders, and generally decide to open a single cylinder or double cylinders as needed.

Stirring blade holder in the freezing cylinder: driven by the stirring motor through the reduction gearbox and the transmission shaft, it is used to stir the milk slurry, so that the milk slurry and the air are fully mixed, and the spiral scraper simultaneously scrapes off the small ice crystals formed on the cylinder wall. The milkshake pushed to the freezer door.