Installation and commissioning of commercial ice cream machine

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ce cream machine installation problems

Generally, the power requirements of ice cream machines used in the country are mostly 220V/50HZ, and some abroad are 220V/60HZ such as Korea, and some are 110V/60HZ such as Japan. If you want to bring the domestic machine to use abroad or bring the foreign machine For domestic use, after confirming the corresponding electrical requirements, you need to purchase the corresponding converter connection before use. Before use, connect the ice cream machine's wiring to three plugs or directly to the air switch.

When choosing the connection plug, pay attention to the rated input power of the ice cream machine. Generally, machines below 2.2KW use a 10 amp plug (10A plug), and 2.2KW-3.5KW use a 16 amp plug (16A plug). Then the corresponding socket should choose 10A or 16A socket. If the socket and the plug do not match, it will not be connected. If you use a power supply wiring that is lower than the rated current, it may cause the power cord to heat up or short-circuit. If you don’t understand it well, find an electrician to help you pick it up.

In addition, the ice cream machine with 380V power supply must be wired separately. Please confirm that your place of use can meet the wiring requirements before purchasing.


Ice cream machine refrigeration system test

After the power connection is completed, the ice cream machine can be commissioned next. Before the commissioning, please disinfect and clean the ice cream machine.

After the ice cream machine is cleaned, turn on the power, turn on the switch of the ice cream machine, the digital tube displays 00, press the start button (the case of no discharge), the number on the ice cream machine LED digital display board will change, about You will hear the sound of the compressor starting in about 5 seconds, and then observe whether the number on the digital tube will change upwards (if it is a temperature-controlled digital tube, it will show that the temperature continuously changes downwards). The system is operating normally, and it is necessary to stop immediately at this time, because the long-time empty machine operation will cause the freezing cylinder. If there is no change for a long time, it means there is a problem with the cooling system or the control board circuit.

For the ice cream machine without digital tube or the control circuit of the digital tube is damaged, the most effective way to check whether the refrigeration system is operating is to insert the distribution valve body (front receiving raft) of the ice cream machine, take out the stirring shaft, and start up You can judge if there is any change in temperature by touching the cooling cylinder directly with your hands.