The compressor of the ice cream machine keeps running?

2020-06-17 19:17:37 nsn 0


Why does the compressor of the ice cream machine keep running? The reasons for the non-stop operation of the compressor are generally as follows:

1. Partial refrigerant leakage

2. Partial ice blocking of the compressor

3. Part of the compressor is dirty and blocked

4. Compressor efficiency drops

5. The softness and hardness of the ice cream machine is set too high

How to solve this malfunction of ice cream machine? This problem is recommended by ice cream manufacturers to be solved by professional after-sales personnel.

1. Refrigeration system is evacuated after leak detection and charged with refrigerant

2. Dry and evacuate the refrigeration system and charge the refrigerant

3. Check the location, flush or replace the capillary, expansion valve, filter with nitrogen or carbon tetrachloride

4. Disassemble and repair or replace the compressor

5. Reduce the hardness level

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