What should be paid attention to when cleaning the ice cream machine?

2020-06-17 19:16:13 nsn 0


Before cleaning the ice cream machine, be sure to unplug it.

 The first step is to clean the tank, open the top cover, gently wipe the tank with a rag, and gently pull out the two light yellow mixing rods (if it is too tight, you can hold it and gently rock it and shake it) Pull out); You can pour a small amount of warm water from the ice cream machine, let it slowly flow into the outlet below, and out. It is strictly forbidden to pour a large amount of water, because there are two small holes at the bottom of the discharge port, and a round hole facing the front is leading to the drip tank at the back; an irregular round hole at the upper left is the feed to the upper For example, if you pour a small amount of water from above, it will not flow in from the front, but will slowly flow out from the inside to the ice cream machine discharge port.

You can gently loosen the four compressed steel bolts on the front of the ice cream machine, take out the stirring dragon, wash it with warm boiling water and wipe it clean for use. It is strictly forbidden to take out the stirring dragon with water from the front (refer to stirring dragon) Discharge port) Vigorously flush and irrigate the water, otherwise water will pour into the inside directly from the round hole in the feed port, which will wet the electrical appliances in the ice cream machine cabinet, which will damage the machine.

After cleaning, pay attention to align the discharge panel and sealing ring, the mixing rod above, the compression bolt and the auger, and pay attention to being light, accurate, uniform and thin, otherwise it will seriously affect the use of the ice cream machine. After everything is done properly, it must be operated strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual. For specific operation steps, please refer to the instruction manual of the ice cream machine delivered randomly.