Why does ice cream made by ice cream machine have ice residue?

2020-06-17 19:10:08 nsn 0


People often ask: Why does the ice cream I use ice cream machine always have ice residue? Why is the ice cream made by others delicate and smooth, how is this made? How can I have the delicate taste of others? How can the generation of ice slag be reduced?

1. Reasons related to raw materials

1) No water or excessive water is added according to the proportion on the powder packaging bag.

2) The ice cream ingredients are not evenly mixed.

3) The ice cream ingredients are not allowed to sit for a long time. The ice cream ingredients after being evenly mixed need to be left to stand for 15-30 minutes, and then stirred for 2 minutes after being left to stand, so that the ice cream ingredients are more delicate and the puffing effect is better.

4) The quality of the ice cream raw materials used is not good, which results in a low puffing rate of ice cream and a lot of glaze.

2. Reasons related to operation:

1) After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the freezing cylinder is not drained cleanly.

3. Reasons related to the machine:

If the quality of the ice cream machine is too low, the cooling speed will be very slow, and the puffing rate is extremely low, the ice cream made will not taste good, and it will also have ballast.