What should I do if the ice cream made by the ice cream machine is too soft?

2020-06-17 19:08:37 nsn 0


Does everyone like to eat ice cream? Eating ice cream on a hot summer day is just too cool. Some friends may have a special ice cream machine at home, which is more convenient to make. The ice cream machine is bought back, and various failures will occur more or less during the operation. What should I do if the ice cream made by the ice cream machine is too soft?   

How to solve if the ice cream is too soft:

1: The gear setting is unreasonable. Solution: Change the gear.

2: Small space around the machine is not good for heat dissipation. Solution: Leave a suitable space for heat dissipation.

3: The scraping strip is worn. Solution: replace the scraper.

4: The quality of raw materials. Solution: replace raw materials.  

5: The condenser is too dirty. Solution: clean the condenser.  

6: Refrigerant leakage. Solution: Find after-sale processing.

7: Cooling fan failure. Solution: Find after-sale processing.  

Although the ice cream machine is very convenient to use, it also needs maintenance like other electrical appliances.

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