Installation of ice cream machine

2020-06-17 19:07:10 nsn 0


The installation and use of the ice cream machine is relatively simple. We only need to install the discharge plate and handle to buy it back and then it can be used normally. Many friends who contacted for the first time suggested that our company's technicians teach you the detailed correct operation method and daily precautions for ice cream machine.

Installation of ice cream machine

1. The machine should be installed in a horizontal position with good heat dissipation and good ventilation. The workbench should be firm, avoiding heat sources and direct sunlight. Each air outlet and wall or similar obstacles have 50 spaces.

2. Ambient temperature 5-40℃, ensure normal use, and keep good ventilation, dry and clean.

3. Make sure that the operating voltage is consistent with the voltage indicated on the nameplate on the machine.

4. During the transportation or movement of the machine, the tilt is not allowed to exceed 45 degrees.

5. Connect the power cord from the machine to the power supply, and ensure that the yellow/green interphase wire and the ground wire are connected reliably to ensure safe use.

Use and precautions of ice cream machine

A. The ratio of powder to water must be standard. More water will cause damage to the mixer and belt of the machine, increase noise, and less water will not form ice cream within the set temperature range.

B. The temperature of the slurry entering the machine is 3-35℃. Too low or too high temperature will affect the normal use of the machine.

C. The remaining slurry that has been refrigerated the next day cannot be directly put into the machine to be made. It must be used together with the new material.