Product features of small ice cream machine

2020-06-17 18:59:26 nsn 0


The small ice cream machine is a compressed version of the ice cream machine, which is mainly convenient to operate and does not occupy space, and is a refrigeration product of a small shop.

When we eat in some barbecue restaurants and hot pot restaurants, we can actually see a machine that is constantly supplying ice cream. Of course, we can also see such an ice cream machine in some cold drink shops, which are generally used in these places. Ice cream machines are large commercial ice cream machines. If you want to make ice cream at home, you can’t choose them. Now there is a small ice cream machine specially suitable for making ice cream at home. This small ice cream machine is not very expensive and very convenient to use.

Product features of small ice cream machine:

1. The ice cream machine mainly uses a fully enclosed compressor and mixing cylinder to directly cool the ice through the S-shaped flow direction. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption and large cooling capacity.

2. When the ice cream machine is used to make ice cream, its cooling start time is short, and the ice cream discharged is very fast.

3. In the ice cream machine, the unique arc of the mixing cylinder is convenient and concise in the cleaning process.

4. Many ice cream machines use healthy food grade materials, which are not only safe to use, but also very simple and elegant in appearance.

5. The electronic numerical control module used in the large ice cream machine can automatically control and adjust the hardness of the ice cream at any time.