Performance parameters of commercial ice cream machine

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The performance parameters of the commercial ice cream machine mainly include the following aspects:

1. Compressor/Motor

This is the core component of an ice cream machine. We can't see this kind of thing, but we must remember how much money is spent on things that are too cheap. The compressor used must not be a good compressor!

2. Power

my country is generally a 220V civilian power supply. Please pay attention to the use of 380V power when purchasing high-power machines. If the conditions do not allow, please do not buy it. In addition, for a cheap machine, you should not expect him to save much power. Because of cost control, it is impossible for manufacturers to invest too much in the machine's power-saving system. It is recommended not to buy ice cream machines below 7000, let alone more, experience tells you that this method of saving money is definitely not cost-effective.

3. Output

Generally, the larger the output of the machine, the higher the price, because large output means that high-quality compressors must be used.

In addition, do not blindly pursue how large the output is, but consider how much output you need, and buy a machine that is suitable for your actual output.

What are the classification of ice cream machine?

Ice cream machines are generally divided into single-head, three-head, seven-head or multi-head ice cream machines according to the number of outlets.

Ice cream machine can be divided into soft ice cream machine and hard ice cream machine according to the type of ice cream produced.

The soft ice cream machine is the ice cream in the cone or sundae of KFC. Hard ice cream is the kind of ice cream used for fancy ice cream. General soft ice cream must be made with an ice cream machine. The temperature of the soft ice cream is around -3 degrees. Hard ice cream can be made by freezing in the refrigerator. But the effect and efficiency are far less than the ice cream produced by the hard ice cream machine.

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