Principle and operation method of ice cream machine

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The principle of ice cream machine:

The principle of making ice cream is very simple. The raw materials are added to the raw material tank. The raw materials are mixed with the air under the action of the air milk slurry pump and sent to the freezing cylinder. The expanded milk slurry is stirred in the freezing cylinder and gradually cooled down, and the viscosity increase. When the required viscosity is reached, it is pushed to the outlet by the screw conveyor. Open the outlet and the machine will squeeze out the finished ice cream.

Method of operation:

1. Simply freeze the fruit for 20 hours, then let it thaw naturally for 10 minutes.

2. Activate the ice cream switch and place the frozen fruits into the machine, so that you can get healthy desserts!

3. Fruits must be peeled and cut into pieces, and those with seeds and nucleus should be removed (be sure to remove).

4. Don't move the machine during use, put the ice cream ingredients and fruits into it and stir it, it will be done automatically.

Ice cream machine maintenance method:

1. Remove the feed trough first, so that we can clean the discharge port;

2. Rinse with clean water after taking out. It is recommended to use warm water. After washing, do not expose to the sun, wipe dry with a clean cloth to dry;

3. Install the feed trough in the order of removal in the first step.

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