How to use ice cream machine

2020-06-17 18:54:00 nsn 0


The method of making an ice cream using an ice cream machine is simple. Just connect the ice cream machine to the power supply with the rated voltage and current on the machine nameplate, and the ice cream machine can be used. So, how to use ice cream machine?

Select the required powder, mix evenly according to the ratio of powder and water, and completely dissolve. The slurry must not have agglomeration, and the ratio of different powders to water is different. Generally, the ratio of powder to water is 1 to 3. The conventional (soft and hard) ice cream machine slurry configuration is basically the same.

1. Pour your sterilized ice cream ingredients into the storage tank. If you want to get ice cream with different flavors, you can pour different ice cream ingredients in different jars. For example, you can pour red ice cream in one tank and yellow ice cream in another tank, so you can get three different styles of red/yellow and red-yellow mixed colors at the same time. Ice cream.

2. Press the "Auto" key. After the "Auto" indicator, the digital display shows the actual working current of the stirring motor. As the temperature of the ice cream slurry decreases and the hardness increases, the working current of the stirring motor also gradually increases. When the rise reaches the set value When the ice cream is ready, the machine will automatically stop.

3. Take ice cream. The ice cream machine has three discharge ports. They are below the discharge box. The leftmost discharge port discharges ice cream in the left refrigeration cylinder, and the rightmost discharge port discharges ice cream in the right refrigeration cylinder. The ice outlet in the middle discharges the ice cream mixed with the left and right refrigeration cylinders. The method of taking ice cream is as follows:

a) Take each cup and place it under the liquid outlet of the ice cream machine you want.

b) Press the corresponding handle to release ice cream.

C) When you put the amount of ice cream you want, put it back in place.