Analysis of my country's Commercial Ice Cream Machine Market

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With the sustained high economic growth, China's casual dining consumption is ushering in a golden development period. As the first of the four categories of casual dining, ice cream is also constantly refreshing its concept in the minds of Chinese consumers, and is endowed with more personal connotations related to fashion and playfulness. But as far as the ice cream market is concerned, China's per capita annual consumption is only 2.7 liters, ranking out of the top 20 in the world. Compared with the average annual consumption of 15 liters for Americans and 7 liters for Japan, it has a very large room for development. However, my country's ice cream consumption potential is huge, and in recent years is growing rapidly at a rate of 20%-30%. At the same time, the market prospect of related ice cream machinery and equipment will be broader.


Development status of my country's ice cream market:

Data show that in 2013, China's ice cream production and sales reached 4.0789 million tons, and cumulative sales reached 101.598 billion yuan, an increase of 12.20% year-on-year. Among them, the development trend of soft ice cream is particularly obvious, and the growth rate in 2014 reached 28.75%. Haagen-Dazs and DQ are expanding rapidly in first- and second-tier cities, occupying the golden shops of large shopping malls in major cities. In the future, the ice cream market will inevitably move towards high-end, and the brand concentration will be further improved. The improvement of China's consumption level will inevitably lead to the further expansion of the ice cream market capacity, and the market direction will inevitably be nutritional, healthy, interesting, high-end Change.

For the Chinese ice cream and frozen and frozen food market, after more than 30 years of development, the Chinese ice cream and frozen and frozen food market has developed into a more mature market with a mature production, supply and marketing system, and the logistics network and marketing methods have been further improved. The ice cream channel has become more innovative in terms of traditional channels. In the past two years, more and more ice cream e-commerce companies have emerged, striving to overcome the limitations of cold chain logistics and pushing ice cream from seasonal consumption to casual consumption. All of this shows that the ice cream and refrigeration markets are extremely innovative.

In addition, it is worth noting that the ice cream industry in China, which has been driven by Korean ice cream in recent years, has ushered in a climax of consumption in the autumn and winter. The ice cream industry itself is entering a stage of development and transformation, and the entire industry has shown a new trend of breaking the limitations of seasonal consumption. The market unexpectedly ushered in reverse growth. Even on the occasion of the cold winter, the ice cream market is extremely hot. The popularity of the new model of "Korean ice cream" not only injects new vitality into the domestic ice cream industry, but also drives wave after wave of consumption. It also allows investors to see the huge potential of the Chinese ice cream market.

How is my country's commercial ice cream machine market:

As the ice cream market gets hotter, it means that the equipment for making ice cream will also be heated accordingly. Judging from the demand for ice cream machines in recent years, the market has grown significantly faster. However, behind the hot market, there must be hidden defects, such as a vicious price war. After all, there are very few knowledgeable consumers. When purchasing ice cream equipment, many people are often attracted by low prices without having the ability to clearly distinguish the quality of the product.

According to reports, there are currently hundreds of brands in the industry participating in the competition, but few companies can really provide quality products and services. At present, the domestic market price of commercial ice cream is generally between 5,000 yuan and 8,000 yuan, while the price of a single machine in the foreign market is usually around 100,000 yuan. Some small assembly plants without any technology or even a plant do not hesitate to sacrifice quality to low The price grabbing the market has a very bad impact on the development of the industry. The ice cream machine needs to be coordinated and unified in three aspects: control system, refrigeration system and mechanical stirring system. Its technical content is higher than that of traditional home appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Some products with poor quality may be sold at a low price, but the cost of use will be high, and the taste of the ice cream produced will also vary greatly.

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