How to clean the ice cream machine

2020-06-17 18:26:11 nsn 0


Two cleaning buckets, sterilized stainless steel slurry collecting tank, brush, cleaning agent, cleaning towel

Steps for ice cream machine:

The first step is to discharge the slurry from the freezing cylinder

1. Press the stop key to cancel the operation of the compressor and the stirring motor.

2. Press the pre-cooling button to stop the pre-cooling compressor.

3. Remove the expansion tube (expansion pump) and other parts to clean the pool.

4. Place the sterilized stainless steel barrel at the discharge port, press the cleaning button and pull down the discharge handle. Drain the remaining slurry in the freezing cylinder and the material bowl. When the slurry stops flowing, raise the discharge handle and press the stop key to stop the operation of the stirring motor, and put the beaten slurry in the freezer to save it.

The second step, rinse

1. Pour the prepared disinfectant into the material bowl.

2. When the cleaning fluid flows into the freezing cylinder, use a brush to clean the material basin, liquid level gauge and feed inlet.

3. Press the cleaning button, which will cause the cleaning fluid in the freezing cylinder to start to stir.

4. Place an empty barrel under the discharge port, pull down the discharge handle, and release all the solution.

5. Press the stop key to stop the stirring motor.

The third step, cleaning

1. Turn off the power switch, and make sure that all the indicators on the control panel are off.

2. Remove the fastening nuts, discharge valve, agitator, sealing sleeve and other accessories, and take these parts to the pool for cleaning.

3. Remove the waste collection box for cleaning.

4. Place the cleaned parts on a clean and dry surface to dry.

5. Wipe all external surfaces of the ice cream machine.