Ice cream machine freezing cylinder processing method

2020-06-17 18:29:59 nsn 0


What are the common faults of machine equipment of ice cream machine manufacturers such as the machine does not start, leaks, the ice cream made is too soft, and the freezing cylinder?

Case 1: There is a problem with the mixing ratio, the slurry has too much moisture, resulting in the freezing cylinder when the hardness is at the same level.

Solution: After stopping to wait for melting, reduce the hardness level.

Case 2: The amount of cakes produced on both sides is too different, and the side with less cakes is prone to freezing cylinder.

Treatment method: On the side with more cakes, hit a few to pour into the storage bowl with less cakes to keep the amount of cakes on both sides basically balanced.

Situation 3: After cleaning the ice cream machine, the water in the freezing cylinder is not put cleanly. This situation is also very easy to cause the freezing cylinder phenomenon.

Treatment method: hit the added material out and pour it into the storage tank again. In this way, the water remaining in the freezing cylinder can be discharged.

Situation 4: If you don’t make cakes for a long time, and the machine keeps cooling, it is also easy to cause the freezing cylinder phenomenon.

Treatment: Do not beat the cake for more than 30 minutes, please pause the ice cream machine, or pour some cake body back into the storage bowl.

Case 5: There is no material in the material tank. When there is no material in the material tank, the material cannot be squeezed out, and a large amount of air enters to cause the freezing cylinder.

Treatment method: Add raw materials to the material tank in time.

Case 6: The button for adding water to the cleaning machine is wrong. It should be cleaned but pressed for cooling. This situation will also cause the freezing cylinder.

Solution: Change to the cleaning button in time.


Do not continue the ice cream machine for the freezing cylinder. It should be stopped in time to find the problem and deal with it symptomatically.

Do not press the discharge valve forcibly after freezing the tank, which may cause the mixer to break.